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numb brain pains and foggy vision ISIT REAL ?

i keep posting but people say diffrent things and i get WELL confused.. basically my story of this not normal life im living at the moment. basically i have been diagnosed with anxiety depression even tho i didnt no i was depressed ? .. any way about 2 month ago i went out drinking and stayed up all night long iv done it all in the past lived life to the fusslest basically im 21 year old male and tht 1 night i went out 2 Month ago and stayed up in the morning i had a serious bad pain on the side of my head its so hard to describe but its like a palm of a hanf on side of my brain scull but it was deep and realy hurt a lot.. i thort there was damage to my brain i relaly thort this is it. walking state that day .. paranoid worried nervious couldnt stayin 1 place didnt speek to any bodymy whole head went numb litally a blank numb brain .. on going untill i went to the doctors 3 days later. told him everything i have been going through he sed i was a wreck meening serious depression and anxiey. my constant question is how can it send you numb ? how can it give you crazy bad head pains ? and paranoid ? no i couldnt belive it. he has given me antidepressants 100mg and iv now been on them 5 weeks or more. in the fisst week of taking them i was layed on the settee and my head was spinning realy bad like a attack on the brain . i did not move or sleep in a week. again how can it be anxiety ??... inthese 5 weeks of being on these tabolots sleeping pills and anti depressants i have i always get dizzy.. my ears ring all the time constanly worried about my mentallaty thinkin il end up mental or nuts or be in a mental home. feel fogged out spaced out and things dont seem real ongoing. but why as this happend because 2bh i dont think its anxiety it can not shorly corseall of this ?? feels like there is a clamp round my head all the time . and i have been having memory loss like today put petrol in my car went well over my limit.. left my phone some where. feel so draind and ditached. i was walkin my dog the other day and thinkin lookin at things like i used to do that like im a soal or something its unreal. the doctor says its all in the mind but how can it be its not at all normal. i just want my old self back whats wrong with me any body at all out there like this ?? abnormal thinking and all these things happening to me. i dont know if a panick attack can trigger it all off . when i totch my head it feels like iv scrached right in to it. i dont no were to go because i can not face its anxiety and whats corsed it and when it will go them 3 are the heart if the situation any body ?? like this been through this and came out of this unreal state night mare ! ???? reply if possible thanks for reading my story
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replied April 9th, 2011
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