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Numb Bladder

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In the last year have had a numb bladder which no doctor has been able to find out the reason.

Along with the numb bladder, I've had a numb abdominal area ( can't tell when I'm hungry or full) and a numb colon (can't tell when I need to go, headaches, nausea, and abdominal pain at times when it's not numb.

A few weeks ago I cut out all juices which I drank a lot of. I now drink only water, coffee, and milk. All symptoms are gone except the bladder still being numb.

I now plan on cutting out the milk and coffee and drink only water. I have a strong hunch the numbness of the bladder will also improve.

I've had my bladder examined by a Urologist, been seen by a neurologist and a gastrologist. No one could find anything wrong except an inflamed colon ( colitis)

Has anyone ever heard of this? Could it be some rare bladder disease?

Thank you

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