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now i know he was manic when I met him

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The first day I met my bf (ex?) he was manic and I didnt realize because I knew very little about Bipolar.
I just went to meet him professionally (he is an state agent) and I was VERY surprised by his ways towards me after the professional talk had finished. He immediatelly invited me for dinner, I accepted because I thought he was ok and I had nothing else to do that evening. During dinner he held both my hands suddenly, started talking sex, asking very unapropriated things,saying things that were complete lies(he told me after) about himself,asked me to MARRY HIM and culminated asking me to sleep with him that very night. OF COURSE i said NO and I thought it was quite funny really, but didnt count on him starting emailing me next morning, saying how much he liked me, etc.I started emailing him back and we got to know each other better, but he still wouldnt phone me and it took a long time for us to meet again. WHEN we did, he was another person- depressed, angry, saying hurtful things, wanting to go away quickly, I after got to know that when he met me first time he was still with his ex partner, and things were not good between them, so he fell on me killing. Second time, the depressed time, he was cycling low, she had thrown him out of the flat , I dont think she could bear any more.
After she left his life,we had some good six months,he was kind, attentive, phoning at all times, going out with me many times a week. We travelled together and we slept together after some four months, by then I was in love.
We still had very good times after that, but in September he started to be angry for no reason, spoiling the relationship, and in the end went after another woman, for some weeks, only to come back to me after. He had gone through another `HIGH`, got the first woman who looked at him in a bar and some weeks later realized he did not like her , she was nothing for him, back he comes to me.
Another five months of a loving relationship but mixed with periods of anger, shutting me off, closing the phone on me , thinking I was cheating on him, and BAM! he breaks with me by phone again, saying he does not love me.( The things he said before were so loving, so special, so good that this is really pricelless). He started treating me like I was some sort of friend he did not like much and at the same time still phoning me to go out, even wanting to travel with me and have sex! Ok, I went away from him, to the UK, for long hols.I did phone him some times, he was cold and strange. He said he has nobody else in his life, do I believe ... And now, an email, saying how sad he is about all that happened , that he cares a real, real lot for me. Well, this is the reality of living with a BP person.
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