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Q. Engaged and Father of my child walks out and now I''m a single mom. Is it hard to be a single mom?

I was 19wks pregnant when my of 3 yrs Fiance decided to walk out of both our lives to mother brained washed him.She didn''t want to lose her son so now I became a single mom and have no contact with him cause he show''s no interest in the daughter he wanted and bothered me for 5 years he wanted. Now I''m a single mom ready to bring life to this world. question is : is it really hard to be a single mom and mainly does a Dead beat dad deserve to give his daughter his last name or not?? so many questions but not even sure where to pin point or start?
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replied July 12th, 2010
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Hi TravelGirl,

If the father of your baby doesn't want to marry you, you must still take care of his responsibility to your daughter. Go file for child support. If he denies the baby is his, go to court and file a petition for a maturnity test. Being a parent is the most important job in the world. It depends on what you mean by "hard". Being solely responsible for the well being, of another human being is challenging but so is anything in life worthwhile. You will do fine as a sinlge mom, all your child wants and need is love, your presence, and a fair start at life. Yes, having two parents would be ideal but if that is to be for now, surround your baby with relatives, friends that will help make her life good. Unfornately, your fiance mother wasn't losing a son, she was gaining a daughter and a grandchild. I pray she will get over her insecuritis and embrace the gift of you and her grandchild.

God Bless Dear,

Faded Rose
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