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Noticed anexity attacks before BP diagnosis?

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I only recently found this forum as a result of looking for help with self isolation and have never felt so belonging to others as I do here, the threads read like a diary of my life. I'm not sure if im BP, but after failed relationship after failed relationship, constant ups, downs, years on 3 hours or less of sleep a night I question if I am BP and noticed in retrospect that it all seemed to start back in my early 20's with a series of anexity or panic attacks that lasted a few years. Have any of the diagnosed BP persons here in the forum shared a similar experience? Its 3:26 am and I cant shut my brain down, cant slow the slury of thoughts and ideals, Im 38 now and am just realizing that I need help and getting tired of trying.
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replied March 27th, 2012
I too have just discovered this site trying to find help with getting back to work. I started with anxiety and panic attacks when i was young, was misdiagnosed with depression at 19 then diagnosed with bipolar when i was 26. I am now 28. I have experienced so much to do with BPD and believe it is one of the worst things that could happen to someone. I am currently suicidal so i do know how u feel when u say u r tired of trying.
You need to go to a doctor first but write down everything you want to get across or ask so that you dont forget something and get misdiagnosed. Medication helps a lot of people so just wait till you see a doctor. When i was first medicated it worked really well so good luck.
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