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noticed a white residue in my vagina

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i had sex with a guy about 6 days ago and about a day ago i noticed my vagina was very itchy at the bottom of the lips and red it wasnt swollen but i just thought it was an alergic reaction to the condom then today i tried washing it with soap and it was burning so im thinking theres some type of scratches now i wasnt really wet when we had sex and he didnt cum or anything inside of me but i noticed a white residue in my vagina. today its very red inside and along the inner lips i dont know what it might be or what it is so please repond to this message thank you . - wryandconfused
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replied June 17th, 2011
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Could it be a yeast infection? Have you ever had one before? They have those testing kits at the drugstore that you can use to see if that is what you have. If it comes out positive, buy some over-the-counter medicine at the drugstore for it. If it doesn't go away after you've used it for the full course (3 days or 7, depending on the one you buy, follow the directions closely), then you should make an appointment with your gynecologist.

Also, good job using a condom! It seems that so few people on here do (usually leading to trouble) and it's so nice to hear someone say that they did. Smile
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