I'm 16 weeks/1day and my due date is 6/28/2018 My conception date is 10/5/2017 or 10/6/2017 per my Dr. and ultrasound.

My question is my LMP was Sept 21-26. I was broken up with my boyfriend and had a one night stand on Sept 25 2017 was still a day left of my period.

I had sex with my boyfriend Sept 27,10/1-10/7. The week of fertile days and conception date. Could it be guy A or does the dates match up to my boyfriend guy B. My dr said most likely my boyfriend. But I'm still freaking out. Please help !!!
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replied January 13th, 2018
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An LMP starting Sept 21st suggests ovulation Oct 5th assuming a 28 day cycle. Sperm lasts inside only 5 days, so guy A is extremely unlikely to be the father while your boyfriend is very likely to be. You can quit freaking out.
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