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Not sure where I stand... Again

Not sure where I stand.... again

So I'm 33 so had a few relationships down the road and some experience with woman but just looking for some advice or a girls point of view on this particular scenario I have found myself in.

So as this forum is usually revolved around relationships this is concentrated on a particular woman in my life, were good mates and have got on quite well for years even though I have really liked her. We started to get really flirty and so I made the move and asked her out. To my disappointment she said no, the usual 'I really like you but not in that way'. So fair enough a little gutted but I moved on with my life.

Now we still saw each other now and again for we are part of the same circle of friends and whenever I have seen her we still got on well (obviously less flirting) and I was happy with our friendship.

Now roll the clock forward to almost a year exactly from when I had asked her out and one particular night as usual after a few beers we ended up sleeping together. Now this was not instigated by me at all, she literally jumped on me whilst we were chatting and we had sex. I didn’t really have time to think too much about it but obviously I was pretty happy for I'd liked her for years. Come morning time however we chatted and she apologised and said sorry complicating things for she knows how I felt about her.

Problem is now all the emotions I'd bottled and pushed aside have come back and I really don't know where I stand, I'm a bit confused as to why she would want sex after all this time. Anyway I'm trying to move on with my life as before , I'm not hounding her or acting any differently to how we have been for the past few years but there is part of me that really wants to be with her but then my sensible head is telling me she has too much baggage and must be in a place where she doesn’t want to commit and frankly I'm a little too old to play games.

Anyway I really wanted to get this off my chest as a kind of relief from playing scenarios through in my mind and would appreciate thoughts or advice from persons that may of been in a similar situation or from woman that may be able to shed some light onto the workings of a woman’s mind or is this simply a case of friends with benefits & don't read any further into it...
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