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not sure whats going on? std? flu?

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hey im posting on this site with a question about a series of events that have happened to me recently, i hope that someone can help me find whats going on!
ever since a week ago after having a big night out on the town with friends ive had tongue ulcers little white dots that constantly change place in my mouth.. they tend to come and go evey noun and then.. but this time they seem to be staying (pictures attached) ,
and about 5 days ago i have had a red rash appear on both of my arms in the same place! its itchy.. and when i put anti inflame cream on it it doesnt seem to go away! and its not a reaction to any soaps because im using a bar called "QV bar" ever since it happened and the rash still wont go away! (pictures attached)
and around the same time as this rash appeared on my arms it became painful for me to urinate the stinging pain was there just before the head of my penis every time i urinated! and is painful when you squeeze the same place!
and even more concerning! today when i got home from work i found what looked like a cut and graze on my foreskin when i sort of rolled it back.. though it being very small probably 2 or 3 mm long it looked very bizarre? i tired popping it like a pimple but nothing seemed to work?
any help would be great!
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