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Not sure if this why I feel this way

I dont understand what my head is telling me. I feel empty and disconnected from people, the negative comments that Im hearing from my mother arent bothering me which isnt normal I usually get up tight and bite back but I just dont feel I have the energy or really care anymore. I am NOT planning to take my own life at all but thoughts are intrusive and I just cant seem to shake them. I feel disgust with myself feel I need to talk to someone but then again I cant be bothered to utter any words I think this might mean that I am low and I guess yes I feel flat and cant be bothered to fight my cause with others I am lethargic and really dont know what to do is this normal the way Im feeling should I talk to my doctor or should I just leave it. I really dont know where to go or what to do but all I know is I feel lethargic and flat. Any advice anybody could give me would be greatly recieved as I just dont know where to turn at the moment thanx
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replied March 29th, 2012
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It does sound as though you might have some type of depression, given the symptoms you're described; how long have you been experiencing them? Is the way you're feeling normal? It happens to lots of people, it's not really unusual.

As far as going to your doc, a good standard is to ask yourself whether your symptoms are beginning to effect your quality of life. If they are, then yes, you should see your doctor.

I hope things work out for you.
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replied April 1st, 2012
I'm experiencing exactly the same thing. People don't understand me when I say I feel disconnected from people, so I stop trying to explain to anyone why I'm being so anti-social. I am fully aware that I have recently turned to photography to replace these negative thoughts. Photographing nature, to be more specific like the sky, clouds, trees. maybe that's already saying something, but I don't know what.

Do something you enjoy. Or try to discover something new that you may enjoy. I've always been a fan of photography but it's not until now i'm going through the phase that i'm turning to photographing nature, which I do while jogging and listening to music. It actually takes my mind of all the frustration. And since then, I think my view in life has actually gotten better.

I think it's just that spark, that click? at some point where you just have to decide that you CANNOT carry on like this. If you feel disgusted with yourself, how would other people think of you? Love yourself. If you don't, who will?

If you are single, go out, have fun, make new friends. TAKE YOUR MIND OF THE PROBLEMS. And after a while, you will find new joy in life and those negative thoughts will fade away and you'll have a brighter and better life!

Okay that last line sounded rather cliche, but it's damn true. Focus on making yourself a better person, stop thinking you're disgusting. change yourself for the better.

If you need to talk, you can always message me.
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