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not sure if this is even an eating disorder.

I'm 14 years old, and I do have a big fear of gaining more weight. ( Also, since school's coming up, I don't want to be made fun of for being chubby. I'm always being picked on in school.) I am 4 foot 10 inches and I am 106 pounds. Every day I would binge on food, and then I would feel upset about that, and wouldn't eat a lot for a while and drink water when I'm hungry. Today, I only had 3 slices of whole wheat bread, because I don't want to gain weight, and I don't believe the starvation mode stuff, so that doesn't scare me into eating more. When I do feel like binging on food, I would chew it up and spit it out, so I don't eat it. I don't purge at all by the way. I've heard that you need 1200 calories or something, but I don't eat that much, because it will cause me to binge. Almost every time I eat, I feel like binging. ( That's where the chewing and spitting thing comes in.) I'm confused about this whole eating thing. I'm not sure if this is even an eating disorder, but I want to loose weight, because I'm annoyed and depressed all the time.
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replied September 2nd, 2012
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Hi fdsaasdffdsa and welcome to ehealth: I think you don't have an eating disorder yet, but you could be close...This is happening when you eat food and spit it out...Kind of a prelude to purging...

First, I can understand how you would want to keep your weight in control...However, there are far better ways to do this than doing what you do...One would be exercise...Not excessive, but enough...Second and most important, eat a good balanced and healthy diet...Eat all meals at the right time of day and not all at one time...Watch your in between meals snacks...They add up in calories real fast..

If you cannot control this then talk to your doctor...See what he/she suggests for a better program in helping you....Take care...

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