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Not sure if this is a heart or a thyroid/adrenal issue

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I have a question that I'm hoping you can help with...

I was hyperthyroid about 12 months ago. I then had my thyroid zapped with radioactive iodine.

I then went hypothyroid as my thyroid had been totally destroyed.

I've now been on 150 ug thyroxine for about 8 months and my latest blood results have come back good.

Great I thought, as I'd been having a few heart palpitations when it was both Hyper and Hypo.

I was out for a 3hr bike ride today going along steadily at a HR of 125bpm when all of a sudden my HR started to rise. It went from 125, to 130, to 135, and up to 145 at which point I stopped cycling. I was starting to panic a bit at this point as I thought I had sorted all of these issues out now. I carried on rising up to 154bpm. Now I realise this isn't high, but I'd stopped riding at this point, and the road hadn't got any tougher when my HR went from 125 to 154bpm. This has happened to me twice now. My HR eventually drops back down a fee minutes after I stop exercising.

Could this be down to my thyroid?

Or could it be that my body releases a burst of adrenalin when I panic, that makes it go even higher?

Thanks and hope someone can answer.
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