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Not sure if i need a Lawyer????

sold my house and left my family for this guy. now it's been 8 years and 5 of them i have taken care of him because he had a surgery that causes him to be in pain 24/7
Now I am wanting to leave him but.... I have invested all of my 10,000 into him and his house and bills.
I have taken care of him.
I do everything and hold down a full time job.
I need to leave and take everything that is mine.
I want everything that is mine.
how much more should I ask for. I have no family here and I can't leave the area do to work.
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replied November 5th, 2009
the money that you put into the relationship your not going to get it back. if you have furniture that you own, do you have proof of purchase. you may get your furniture back
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