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Not losing weight ?

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You are on a diet and constantly repeating Why am I not losing weight? Perhaps you are doing typical mistakes. Experts believe that even being on a diet, you consume more calories than you think. First, stop thinking about your diet and stop creating panic and say all Why am I not losing weight. Instead, carefully examine your daily habits in order to understand what causes weight gain. You can not even imagine how quickly recruited calories.

Spoon sauce salad adds 75-100 calories, teaspoon butter - 102 calories, a bag of chips - 162 calories. If you frequently add all of this food, even if you can not find the answer to the question Why am I not losing weight, and everything is so clear.

There are typical mistakes that are often committed by people who lose weight.

Mistake number 1: The race to the finish.

There is no reward for the end of the meal in record time. Unfortunately, our hectic lifestyles led us to the fact that we have developed the unhealthy habit of eating quickly. "We need to learn to eat slowly, then we can enjoy food and feel saturated.

Mistake number 2: skipping meals.

Studies show that those who skip breakfast weigh more than those who ate breakfast. There is an incorrect belief that skipping breakfast or any meal helps you save calories. The truth is that those who eat at least three times a day, eventually consume more calories during the day.

Mistake number 3: too many liquid calories.

Liquid calories from alcohol, milkshakes, coffee with cream and sugar, sweet juice, tea and carbonated beverages may contribute to weight gain. One recent study found that Americans receive about 21% of calories from beverages. Go to the drinks with a lot of calories for water, soda water, skim milk, vegetable juices and small servings of 100% fruit juice.

Mistake number 4: too large portions.

We are so accustomed to big portions in restaurants, at home we serve the food of the same size and think that it normal. Some expert advice on how to reduce portions:

• Do not eat up until the end of that on a plate.

• Use smaller dishes.

Mistake number 5: thoughtless food.

"Amnesia for food" - an act of unthinking presentation to hand to yur mouth, especially from the bag or box in front of TV or while reading the book. This can also happen when you simply relax or eat up the children. Resist the temptation to eat up with her or with other people''s plates. Think about your waist instead of leftover food to spare.
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