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Not happy with myself

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I'm 16 and as of right now I just want to curl up into a ball and hide for the rest of my life. I have no right to feel the way i do...I have a great life. Loving family, friends...ect; I just sometimes feel to low. I see other girls and they just seem to happy, so beautiful. I don't feel like either of those. Just wasted space. I'm so shy that sometimes I feel like people don't care that I exist...sometimes I don't even want to. No, I am not suicidal nor will I ever be I just get so frusterated with myself that I tend to let myself feel so out of place. I'm not happy with my outer appearance..I don't have the confidence to walk about in small clothes like other girls. I could't even try because i spend most of the time trying to get people not to notice me, though i know deep down inside i wish i could be more of an outgoing person. I envy the girls who are able to be so out there, so noticed. I don't know how to help myself. Maybe I just need someone...someone who will understand.
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replied September 2nd, 2009
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oh my sweetie you sound just like i was at your age it took me till i was 28 to really appreciate the great body i had and have confidence in my looks. i wore big clothes and a jacket year round , i live in the south lol, i was 90 pounds at the most, blond green eyes. and i thought i was horrid looking and i had developed into a size D bra at 14 so people thought i stuffed till i got so mad i showed them . thats what led to all the big clothes and jackets. God i would do anything to go back and love myself more . why we are so critical of ourselves at that age i dont know. but sweetie love yourself it will show outwardly and people will see you as very self confidanttoo. i was extremely shy and dident bother with having friends. and now i dont have that. you need a mentor like with Big Brothers Big Sisters maybe look into that. if i can answer anything for you just ask i was the same way. big huggs
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replied September 13th, 2009
im 33 and i always been shy, i m still shy and my boyfriend loves it, he thinks i m innocent!lol
anyway, they did a study and it showed that there is a small percentage of people that are shy and quiet, so if we feel out of place it's because we are.

i m shy, conservative....i dont like attention, i dont show any cleavage, and i am not outspoken.
i feel the same way you feel, like i wish i was outspoken. but there is something unique about everyone.
i think you should write a list of things you would like to accomplish short term and long term. when you accomplish them you should check mark it.
as for your appearance, every women want to change something about themselves.
do something that makes you feel good about yourself, like getting your nails or toes done. but a cute outfit that you like.
do you have anyone to talk to about how you feel.
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replied August 13th, 2012
Your awesome
I feel like I'm talking to my daughter. Everything you wrote is what my daughter is experiencing (she would never tell me this but a loving parent knows)! You are an awesome person. I can tell by the way you can recognise your blessings. You are humble ( I wish there was more of that around) First you have to relize how cool it is that you are even alive. look at your life, can you see all the amazing things in this creation? You were created like no other person. You are unique. You have talents and abilities that are unique. You just have to relize that. It is wise to be humble, but it is also wise to recognise that you are special, that you have a purpose, that people love you, and they love you for a reason.
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