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not good with people and that effects me allot.

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Im 16, and a sophomore in highschool. I'm depressed, I feel as if im never going to get a girlfriend and that im going to be alone forever. I know your just going to say (oh well your young you still have a ways to go) but no. you can say that all you want. im not going to believe it. every girl i like i either confess to or just leave it be for i know i wont have a chance. But that is because every girl i DO confess to, the outcome is always the same. I have no friends. And the friends i do have are over the internet. I have had a friend since i was 5 believe it or not. so you can see why im so shy. I guess i could say im not good with people. and that effects me allot. I know im ugly and ive had it said to me allot. just as one post i read earlier, "nice guys always finish last" and well above all thats true. im too nice for my own good. I give/help people out so much and in return, they just hurt me and take me for granite.
I don't know what to do anymore. my brothers and sisters dont make it any better either. And i absolutely do not wanna tell my mom about me being depressed for she already had too much on her plate. i don't know what to do anymore. I get allot of suicidal thoughts. but the thing is i don't wanna commit suicide i just want to be happy. its that or erase my entire existence all together. I blame myself for allot of things. And im not to proud of that. I try to vent to people, but i guess you cant really understand unless your going threw the same thing.
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replied February 12th, 2012
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Hi KillaAngell and welcome to ehealth: Believe it or not more people go through what you are going through, than don't...I believe it is suppose to be a part of life...In my Senior year I skipped one whole semester of study hall and they never knew it....It wasn't that I was trying to get away with something, it was just because I wouldn't be missed....Honey, school can be a bummer....It is a part of our life that many of us like to forget....I can tell you one thing and that being life began after high school....

My best advice is not to try and find a girl friend...Join a group that has fun....Be it band or some activity group at school...Don't come on to a girl....Make her notice you....The same goes for this Summer...Stay busy and make every minute count....Oh, and may I add, don't ever consider yourself "ugly"....When a woman eventually picks out her man she looks for what's inside that counts...You will be fine...Take care...

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