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Not getting erection and flaccid state penis

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So recently I haven't been able to get an erection, I've woken up with a lot a semi hard erections recently. Another odd thing is my penis in the flaccid state, it always verys in size and feel. This morning for example, I woke up feeling semi hard, I looked at my penis and noticed it was small and much harder than usual in the semi flaccid state, the veins on penis were also much more visible and looked as if I had an erection. I noticed that during the course of the day my penis will very from small and soft to much larger and softer. Overall I'm worried that my erection will never return and I am doomed to die without having kids or a family. It's weird because I'm only 18, the only thing I could think of is that I have over masturbated through the years and now I'm messed up, all I do is think about this, I'm so worried. Anybody else have these problems??? Somebody has to have some advice, or suggestions. I don't have money to see a urologist, i need your guys help!!
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replied December 31st, 2010
Hard in flaccid state
Hey guys, this all started when I got a erection and pushed it down in my sweats so I could sit down. All of a sudden my penis felt numb in a way and like it was shrinking. Now , been about a day I have a hard penis in my flaccid state and really can't seem to move my penis like I use too. It seems I can't get a erection now, but can any of this be from just getting my wisdom teeth out?I'm going crazy since I'm only 16! why would this happen to me help??!
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