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not feeling anything during sex

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I'm a 19 years old girl, I just lost my virginity to my boyfriend.
We started flirting, I was really wanting it and the tension was really high.
While the intercourse I didnt feel anything at ALL! no pleasure.
I always get satisfaction when I masturbate (outside), but after a lost my virginity, when I masturbated "inside" I didnt feel anything.
I'm really frustuated about this, because I'm afraid I will never feel anything during sex.
I know it's the first time, and it was not my partner's fault because I was soooo into it and wanted it soo bad.
Maybe it's because it's the first time and I'm not used to it, but still i'm scared it's going to be this way forever.
I've done some researches on internet, there are women who never feel anything and others that need to try more then once so the nerves will "wake up".
But what about my case? I really want to know!!
please help me!

P.S: me and my partner talked about everything and we both wanted it.
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replied March 26th, 2010
Especially eHealthy
Kartoucha, You are more normal than you think. It is a secret that never gets told to young women. The vast majority of women does not get an orgasm or much feeling inside their vaginas.

On the other hand, your clitoris was made for only one thing - ORGASMS! You seem to be well aware of this fact.

I hope you had safe sex? Even though you wanted sex so much, I am sure this did not include a baby or an STD or infection.

Many women will develop sensitivity inside their vagina's in their 20s. Getting an orgasm from this during intercourse is however very elusive.

In the mean time you have to find a way to stimulate your clitoris while you are having intercourse. Doggy or you on top is the best positions for this. Just stick your hand down there and go for it, or ask your partner to help. I am sure it will increase his pleasure to make you orgasm.

When you are on top, you can also grind your clitoris on his pubic bone and have some fun. You can also control the angle, speed and depth of his penetration. All the ingredients you need to make yourself orgasm.

Even though it may feel weird, you can show him how you masturbate so that he can see where and how you touch yourself. I can almost guarantee you that that will be the hottest thing you can show him and you will not be able to get the grin off his face for the next week.

Best of luck!
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replied October 10th, 2010
another suggestion, if he is on top, stimulate your clitoris during sex. he might even find it a turn on. my hubbs likes it.
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