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not exactly sleep paralysis... qq

i'm not sure if it would be relevant but im 15 yrs old and moderate weight.... its only happened a few times so far id say 3 or 4 times and i just had one recently. what i get is i'd say some kind of trance that with some strong mental will i can break out of but let me explain it to you in a better aspect. very few times when i go to sleep before i fall asleep i go in this concious trance where vision around my eyes is a bit impared much like im halfway closing my eyelids and i hear a very loud noise just like a scream of some sort although nobody in my house was screaming while induced in this trance i cant move my body at all so im basically paralyzed but im very concious and when it was happening i was just thinking "what the hell is going on" while i was hearing that noise and unable to move. but it gets scarier, i dont know what what was actually happening but if i prolonged my mental will to break out and just sat there then it got even harder and harder to break out of. i remember my second time this happened ( they happened it a row) it got so hard to break out of i was going to scream but i couldnt. thankfully i was relieved. i actually worried that at some point i couldnt break out of it because that was what it felt like. i wont lie i did try to do it on my own purposely because it was actually kind of fun if i broke out in time, i cleared my mind layed there and tried, eventually it happened only once did i do it on purpose. this was all months and months ago (less then a year, sorry i cant be more specific i dont keep a jounal of this crap or anything) but ohhh i'd say 5-7 days ago it happened again but extremely hard to get out of. i couldnt give much of an analogy of this but basically its hard to move voluntarily.... (i'm sorry due to my laziness i dont feel like going through and adding this to the section where i explain my symptoms)------> this is actually the scariest part (sorry^) i dont know how i forgot this but i cant breath if i dont break out in time and i panic but i cant move at all. i dont feel like im in any real danger i'm just curious what this is or if anybodies ever even heard of these symptoms if i just think "break out break out break out" and think of moving my body then i'm released plz tell me what you think or know also i'm going to copy and paste this and post it to different websites so if anybody hasa suggestion of a website i should post this as plz tell me and one my last note. i'm telling you all what i know for a fact plz dont ridicule me calling me crazy or anything or saying this is stuff dont u think a 15 yr old what have better things to spend a saturday night on then typing all this crap (ironically i dont lol)

p.s im terribly sorry that this isnt in a very logical order see its 12 here and i just want to go to bed (ironically) so thankyou soo much doctor
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