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Not anti-vaccine, but What else can be done??

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Let me say I am NOT anti-vaccine. If you know you can safely get a flu shot, stop reading this and go get your shot! In fact, I’d appreciate leaving conspiracy theories out of this discussion as much as possible ( I do have to make one tiny argument to that later) because in my opinion vaccines are a God send to help us battle deadly disease.
That said though, there is an over defensiveness in the medical community that makes me nervous about the whole thing. Let me give you my personal reason for feeling so passionately about this...
I am one of those people that agonize over medication. This is because I am hypersensitive to otherwise well tolerated meds. Levothyroxine, rocephin, ibuprofen. Needs meds usually includes needing Benadryl. And it’s never NORMAL reactions, but for instance after a shot of rocephin I began violently shaking for FOUR DAYS and stopped eating or sleeping. My Dr. can attest to my unfortunate med tolerance. She even advised me not to get a shot due to the fact that I’m unpredictable and to wear masks in crowded settings etc until the worst of the season is over. I also have autoimmune thyroiditis that was just detected.
Why can’t there be more research into the safety of the flu shot ( meaning more comprehensive reporting of adverse effects) and a more open conversation with patients who make the decision to forgo vaccination for the right reasons.
The closest I can get to a conspiracy theory is that I DO believe there is a little hush about potentially serious reactions due to a fear of lowering faith in the vaccine. But for consumers like me I would feel better if there was more attention and attempts at predicting/correcting adverse effects. Who is more at risk, how can it be countered, how can they be more quickly recognized. So many Dr’s refuse to even accept the vaccine can hurt you that in cases like the poor boy in Utah, it’s hard to get them to look into the possibility.
I ask this not because I don’t want the vaccine, but because I DO. But it’s hard to make an educated decision when the conversation ends at “just get it”. And while the reactions may be “rare” it is of little consolation to those few who suffer encephalopathy or GBS.
What research is being made into alternative preventative measures. Dr’s are often reluctant to offer herbal/diet advice but it MUST be somewhat beneficial to learn more about building our defenses and not relying SOLEY on a shot? Is it really better to eat like crap and get the shot vs immune boosting/anti-inflammatory diets with good exercise? Would it not be worth more research into the benefits and uses of foods like elderberry and ginger to fighting the flu in conjunction with medicine for use in people like me who often suffer from side-effects? I would love the input of medical professionals. If I’m completely wrong feel free to tell me, but I’m honestly curious on what the experts think here.
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replied March 1st, 2014
Extremely eHealthy

I am not a medical professional but I am old enough to qualify as a cynic.

Your reasoning is sound from your own point of view. The mistake you are making is you are assuming your point of view is important in the great scheme of things when the great scheme of things is money.

An individual opinion is never going to be important unless you have the money and power to make it important and in the usual way of things from the top looking down you are just a plebiscite that is no more important than an amoeba.

Most wealth is in private control. Extend the fingers of one hand and cross the first two tightly. There you have a snap-shot of your country. The first of the two crossed fingers represent business, the professions and the industrialists and the other represents the government and politics.

Sometimes one is on top and sometimes it is the other but they are always tightly crossed as together they are so strong the other fingers are powerless to deflect them.
Even the thumb cannot dislodge those two tightly intertwined digits; the thumb represents the organised labour force, unions, etc.
The other two fingers are everybody else...

The government is not going to weaken itself by taking more wealth than it needs from the other finger so it will take the minimum it needs to provide the greatest good for the greatest number that is consistent with getting a respectable amount of support at election time and maintaining a reasonably healthy workforce in order to generate the wealth for the other finger.

As long as there are surplus workers the greatest good will be at a much lower value than if there was a shortfall of workers.
Today if that situation happened most governments would simply import immigrant workers rather than removing more wealth from the other finger but theoretically if no immigrants were available individual members of the populace would become more important and worthy of a higher degree of care and nurture.

As things are the individual is only important to themselves and a select few others. To those two fingers, which doctors and scientists and the drug companies tend to be part of, you and all those like you are simply an unimportant statistic of less value than the beasts in the fields...

Only if dietary control and herbalism generated as much wealth as the sugar and fat industries such as McDonald's and the regular drug industries would you get your wish.
Until then you are alone; being right counts for very little...

Good luck!
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