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Not ADHD - possibly bipolar ?

I have been trying to get my daughters behavior under control for years. I have seen doctors therapist etc.... I aslo put her in behavioral modifiction I have taken classes to help her attend therapy sessions. My daughter has been like this since she was an infant. She would hit me all the time. She almost got kicked out of daycare when she was year old. She would never seem to learn from time outs or anything that the doctors therapist would suggest. She used to have fever seizers from infectons then she had surgery when she was almost three on her ears nose and throat to stop the infection. She also had menagitis at the age of 6 weeks. They have done cat scans and mri's ekg's eeg's and still they said there was nothing wrong. She saw a nero doctor for two years and he said she would be ok. But unfortanlly things with her behavior has not got better she still bites scratches kicks punches scream and has uncontrollable out burst. My grandmother was bipolar and her father and his mom was said to have it. My daughter was suspend today she is only five. She got suspend for scratching again. I want help for my daughter. Im tried of them telling me more and likely she has bipolar but they cant do anything about it because she is not seven. She has a perament scare from a dog bite because she punched it in the face. we have had to get rid of the animals in our home because she doesnt seem to get to how to be nice. The things she talks about scares me I have a five month old and she tells me that her five month old sister dies and that eveyone dies. We dont talk about death in our home because she is five and thats not somehting we want her to think about. I could go on about all the things that happen. I have been spent tons of money replacing what she has destroy she is on her third desser and has already broken. I have lost all hope and worry every day about her. Now I want advice not crittzers that think they know my life and think they know my child you can tell some one else your thoughts. I only want to hear from the people that want to be truly helpful. Thank you:cry:
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replied October 8th, 2009
It's possible.
There is a good chance she might be bipolar. I don't know for sure, I am not a professional... I never had that as a child.
I don't know how old she is, and how you get a child diagnosed. But I know I was misdiagnosed ADD and I'm bipolar.

BUT growing up I had "rage fits" where something would make me mad, and to punish the item I would kick/throw/punch it. (I wasn't as intense as that sounds I promise.)

My doctor has told me that it happens ALL the time because bipolar outbursts and ADHD mimic each other so much.
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replied October 9th, 2009
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Why can't she be put on medication?

I can really feel for your situation. I worry that my grandson may be going the same way. He has brain damage from seizures at birth.. now the docs are talking about ADD. I just don't know. He also doesn't seem to understand that punching and throwing things hurts people/animals. He is only 14 months!

Have you tried restraint therapy? I read about this..apparently the process is to take a hold of the child and hold them securely until they stop fighting back. This could take a very long time in some cases.

Also... I know with a normal child, the 'sand box etiquette' is learned when the harmed child bites back..kicks sand back into their eyes..etc. My own son learned that it really hurts when he got bitten back ..think he was about 2 years old then.

Keep looking for a doctor, therapist that works for you. Not everyone in the field is actually knowledgeable enough to be a benefit to your daughter. Don't give up hope!

Keep us updated
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