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Not able to walk due to swelling in spine (tail ) at the end .

My daughter 12 years old and gone for school picnic . IAfter picnic she was three to fourdays was ok but she complain for some pain in right leg. so we have given homly tretment and rub iodex, volini gel and given pain killer during thsi days and suddnly next day she could not stand her own and not able to walk . We have consulted orthopedics he has checked he said that their is no proble you have to show neuro physicial so we consulted. After consulation he has given medicine of pain killer and twanquilizer for five days and he said after five day we will recheck . But after five shw was not able to walk her own. Once agin we have visited neuro physician and he recommanded MRI so we did and showed him he suggested and said that she has swelling in spine at last ( tail ). Now 20 day completed but not able to walk . I request my dotor friends Please advise what to do. Thanks
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replied January 9th, 2012
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Amit Panchal,

Did the neurologist say what the diagnosis was, other than just that there was some inflammation in the lumbar spine?

Your daughter may have transverse myelitis. This neurological disorder can come on in hours, days, or a few weeks. If it is in the lumbar spine, use of the lower extremities can be affected.

While most cases of this disorder resolve on their own within 2 to 12 weeks, there are some cases where it has permanent problems.

You need to discuss your daughter's case with the neurologist. Ask what the diagnosis is and what her prognosis is. When does he think she will get better. Also, does she need therapy will they are waiting to see what happens?

Hope your daughter gets better soon. Good luck.
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