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Nosebleeds with big clots

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My 10 year old has always had nose bleeds since he was 2yrs old, he would get them so bad that he was vomiting blood. the er dr told us to have him lean his head forward and pinch the nose, as opposed to putting his head back, however as the years went on his clots have gotten bigger, im wondering if this could be something serious, like lung or brain bleedin, or am i just being over dramatic about this, for some reason it's really bothering me. he could just be sitting watching tv and his nose will just start bleeding, ALOT. sometimes if he blows it, the clot comes out and the bleeding stops, other times it doesn't. As he got older he's able to tell me the clot is in there, and he blows it. It would be greatly appreciated if you could get back with me. THANK YOU
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