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Nose Dryness and Dry Eye

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Hi, I had a sinus operation in February 2008. Since having the operation my nose does not seem like mine, it always feels very dry and bunged up, and it is always as if I am having to blow it, but more times than not, nothing comes out and it always feels as if it is going down the back of my throat and I am always having to clear my throat.

Also a few months after I had the operation, it started where one of my eyes would not open and on trying to open it, it was very painful as if it was stuck to my eye ball and it pours with water and takes about a half hour for it to settle down and open. It is just in a morning or if I wake up in the night. I now find it is in both my eyes and this is very worrying and painful. There is and never has been any infection in my eyes. According I have dry eye, are these two symptoms connected and how come it has only just started to do this. I would be most interested if anybody else has this same problem and can give me information.

Thanks for reading this and look forward to any answers that you can give me.


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replied June 1st, 2009
Ohh, i sorta have this, i dunno if is is anything to worry about, but it could be completley different. Wink

sorry for the poor answer.
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replied September 9th, 2009
yellowcab, I don't mean to scare you, but it sounds like you may have ENS or Empty Nose Syndrome,, an iatrogenic condition caused by aggressive sinus surgery. I have suffered from the condition for 2 years. Good luck.

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replied October 19th, 2010
I know this is old & may not get any replies, but I just recently had sinus surgery & right afterwards I developed severe Dry Eye Syndrome which I believe is related because nothing else has changed with me and I've been using Restasis for three years now (when I started wearing contacts). Right after surgery my eyes started getting dry & I bumpbed up my drops, to no avail. Then one night I woke up in excrutiating pain & couldn't open my right eye... had to cover it with a patch. My eye doctor had to squeenze drops to deaden it in the corner to open it & have been to specialists since. So I believe something did happen during my sinus surgery. I also noticed my right sinus passage is completely blocked now (the left was the main focus as well as pollops in the upper region near the eyes). This has been a long journey (not to mention the expense & being off from work & living in the dark due to extreme pain with light), but it is slowly getting better with steroid ointment 4X a day & drops every 30 minutes!
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