Help, please.

For the past few years I've had a very strange and difficult to describe discomfort in my nose. I'll do my best to describe it.

The discomfort is right on my nasal bone or right about where the bone meets the cartilage. It feels sort of "stuck" or "sticky," as if something is tugging down on the bone constantly. It compels me to constantly wrinkle my nose and raise my eyebrows to relieve the pressure.

It does not hurt. There is no pain. It's just a very, very uncomfortable, annoying discomfort. The discomfort is more pronounced on some days than others.

I've been to an ENT. He suggested a sinoplasty, which I had. That made breathing a lot better but didn't do anything to relieve this weird discomfort, which is what I really went in for.

I take two allergy medicines to no avail.

Any thoughts? Anyone? Please?
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replied January 9th, 2012
me too? is that weird?
my name is margret. Its funny you say that because I too have the same discomfort. I dont have a runny nose, and no allergies. But i have noticed that its a pain in my nose in the inside. I know this may be disturbing. but ive put my finger in my nose and moved it around to see if the pain is in a specific location, ive even considered sinus infection. Could a deviated septum cause such a thing. Im thinking about going to an ENT doctor and checking the problem out. Ive noticed though that when im under the sun (exposed to heat) or in the cold i feel the pain in my nose, like in the bone, and i feel like a nose bleed is about to happen. its so weird.
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