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Nose Bleeding and Nerves paining the right side

(I'm writing for mom who is 52)

Hi - My mom is facing an odd issue currently. She is having a nose bleeding (once in every week or two weeks like that) for a past 6-10 months. And off-late she has few other symptoms like headache and nervous pains in her right side starting from head to chest area. Could you please make me understand of the specific treatments she needs to take for this issue. Currently she is in INDIA and I need to makesure the she gets relief asap. As of now she has consulted an ENT, General Surgeon and also the neurologist. Today went for eye-checkup too; no one understand the issue and still trying to approach another ENT tomorrow.
Really so sad to see her in her early 50's. Kindly make me understand what to be done here.
Any suggestion(s) from you is so valuble for me and my Mom. Thanks so much, appreciated.

She met ENt they so no issue in Nose, still bleeding continues

She met neurologist and taking the medicines she is giving, no use as still the right part is so painful

She is really so worried on this and looses her look. I'm literally worried.

thanks - Dhar
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