I keep having dreams that are obvious anxiety dreams, early in the morning, since starting Norvasc. These dreams have strange content, unlike any other dreams I have ever experienced. I am 64 years old, and I remember a lot of my dreams. The problem is directly related to the Norvasc--no other possible cause.
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replied September 9th, 2009
hi bongeo. I am not sure if norvasc causes nightmares - im taking niften (combi of nifedipine and atenolol) for my bp. I do realise that of recent I keep having nightmares on a daily basis, most of which I can recall when I wake up. Most of the time these nightmares will make me breathless or fast heart beat upon waking up.

Someone told me that perhaps the nightmares must have caused by some other underlying probs - perhaps anxiety, cos I have that problem.
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replied May 9th, 2011
Re: Anxiety & Nightmares
Probably your concern over your high blood pressure or heart condition is causing your anxiety level to increase due to the fears surrounding the actual condition. Anxiety would cause you to have nightmares or strange dreams. Our fears and concerns of the day can bring about many a strange dream. However, seeing I am NOT a doctor if the dreams become bothersome I'd seek their opinion. Try doing relaxation before going to bed. To do that you take in a deep breath thru your nose, think of the sun relaxing a certain part of your body muscle group. Hold the breath about 20 seconds and let it all out through your mouth. Then breathe normally, until your ready to concentrate on the next group of muscles. Work your way from the feet up to your head by saying to yourself & imagining the sun relaxing your muscles with each held breath that once you release your breath those muscles will be relaxed. I can assure you if you do this enough, not only will you fall asleep before ending your entire muscle groups of your body, feet, legs, tummy, back etc but you will probably notice your dreams won't be nightmares. Hope this helps.
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