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Normal Labia Skin Tags???

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I was assaulted about a month ago and I am a very paranoid person, first of all... I've always had tiny small bumps or tags around opening of vagina (labia), but never worried about them b/c I've been married for 9 years and have been monogamous.

Recently, after my assault, I've definately explored down below more, and have noticed that these are bigger. They look like little skin tags or something. I went to a doctor and she said they are normal but I am still so paranoid b/c there is like a little trail of them and after researching about genital warts, they can be small... so I sometimes wonder if they resemble tiny warts or skin tags... they don't bother me at all and they are flesh colored/pink. On occasion, they seem to mildly itch but nothing bad...

The doctor did not do a genital warts test or HPV. She just said they were normal, most women have them but b/c they have became bigger after my assault, I'm wondering if they are something new?? I don't know?? Like a said, there is a trail of them and if you touch them, it's kind of rough...

Any ideas??

Thanks so much!!!!!
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replied September 5th, 2010
Hey, I hope I'm not replying too late, here! First of all, I think if the bumps are bigger that is definitely not a good sign. I recently went to the clinic to get checked because I began to notice bumps and skin tags too in that particular area. HPV genital warts can, unfortunately, not itch (or itch mildly) or give any symptoms and just exist. They can be grayish, white-ish, or flesh coloured/ pink.

I think that you should specifically ask for the doctor to do a genital warts/ HPV test or ask them to get a sample from your cervix. Did you get a PAP test?

When I was examined today, the doctor said that HPV warts are usually rough patches and are quite recognizable.

So, I think you should definitely get that specific test, and assure yourself as to whether or not it is HPV. Good luck!

P.S. Is your vagina ever swollen, or emitting thicker/ caked discharge? Does the itching ever intensify?? If so, it could be a form of yeast infection??
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