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Non-viable Pregnancy wishing & praying for a miracle

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I found out I was pregnant on 26 Oct 2011. Last LMP was 23 September 2011. I was schedule for an ultrasound on 8 November only showed a gestational sac. The sonogram lady said, not to worry cause I was too early. The I came back a week later showed just the gestational sac again and I sent to the Dr office were I was told to go home and to expect a miscarriage and If I started to bleed, cramp go straight to the ER. I was told to come back in 15 november showed gestational sac and yolk sac which NOTE: I pointed out the yolk sac to the tech after her 3rd ultrasound that morning on me. The ultrasound measured me at 5 wks and 5 days from conception). Again, I was told that I had a B.O and it was a non-viable pregnancy. Then I was referred to another Dr at (8 wks 2 day gestation)and he did a ultrasound that showed the a slightly developing fetal pole but he was not pleased with the growth and pretty much told me to come back next week for a final ultrasound then he will finally tell me that it is a non-viable pregnancy. The thing is I feel great!!! I have no cramping or any type of pain... My breast are really sore, bloating and slightly lower back pain. He said that I would still have all the pregnancy symptoms until I miscarry.

My HCG level

Oct 26- 490.200
nov 1 - 4154.000
Nov 9 - 16,792
nov 14 -28,265

The new Dr said he doesn't care about my HCG level....

I have been all over the internet reading about misdignosed pregnancy and B.O

If I have a yolk sac is it a Blighted Ovum?
Is it too early for ultrasounds?
If I had a C-section 7 yrs ago could I have a tilted ulterus?
How fast can the fetal pole grow?

The Dr's are not telling me anything but to go home and watch for bleeding and cramping but I have no signs of miscarraige.

I'm driving myself crazy...

Thank you to anyone that responds...
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replied December 19th, 2011
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If your hcg levels are rising as they should then that would suggest that the pregnancy is healthy and everything is okay except for the baby growing a little slower. Another thing could be getting dates muddled.

If you are not happy with your current doctor I would suggest you change to an OB GYN that would understand and give you the information you need.

Your doctor is right on one thing though, you will continue to have pregnancy symptoms until you miscarry. I hope that you don't as it's the worst thing in the world to experience.
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replied December 29th, 2011
ok chicky im having the xact same issue my periods were all over the place and when i found out i was pregnant i had no idea on how far along i was my hcg levels kept riseing and all i had was a empty yolk sac i was told the same as you that i had a b,o but i kept telling the docs that its not a b,o as i dont beleive im as far along as they are telling me ive had extreme blood loss and it was only 3days ago and 3 scans later i they found a very healthy heart beat i am now 6weeks 5day offically and due august 19th it just goes to show docs are not always right and they can make mistakes they almost had me booked in for a dnc but thanks to my stubbornness i knew i knew my body better than anyone else...wish you all the best hun.
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