I've had this constant migraine headache (in back of my head & neck, sometimes in temples) that started a week before last friday. I've had 5 primary physician visits & 3 neurological doctor visits, and neither can tell me anything. I've had MRI's run (everything was normal), there is no history of migraines in my family, my diet is actually VERY consistent and has not changed, and i don't have a history of frequent headaches or migraines. when it is at its worst, you can feel the veins pulsing on the back of my head & temples.

i am not particularly stressed right now (i have a history of ulcers too, and i do not have an ulcer now), i am not depressed, am eating normally, etc.... i am a big gym-rat, so not being able to work out has really added stress because of the headache. i have no sleeping problems.

symptoms: constant pain in back of head/neck. occasionally whenever i exert force (either running, doing a push up, or anything that heightens your heart rate), i get intense throbbing in my temples & upper neck/back of head so much that it is debilitatingly painful. I don't mean to sound crass, but even if i attempt to pleasure myself, the second i reach a heightened state of excitement (pre-climax), i'll have a wave of pain throbbing in the back of my head. My doctors put me on meds (namely painkillers), but they tried triptyphan shots (sp?) and another 3-day medication. nothing has helped. in fact the trypt shot actually seemed to make it worse (throbbing increased). i've taken every type of OTC aspirin & tylenol-type drug i can think of, including the Canadian codeine 222's. nothing. alleve, bayer, tylenol, ibuprofen, motrin - nothing.

also normal things that i have noticed tend to help normal headaches actually make this worse. for example, usually having caffeine seems to help me with headaches. Now, however, any caffeine or coffee actually irritates the head and creates the throbbing sensation. i usually enjoy traction too, pulling on the head upward from the neck, pushing front & back of head together with hands, etc.... usually pressure helps alleviate headaches for me. in this case, it makes it worse. Usually laying down & lying still helps my headache. however with this one, if i stand up straight it alleviates the pain more than sitting or laying down. It seems backward - the less blood i get to my head, the better it feels.

i guess the best analogy i can relate it to is when you scubadive and do not de-pressurize properly - i feel like the blood will go shooting out of the veins in my head.

i am really at wits end. as i said my doctors do not know what the issue is; i'm tired & hurting and just looking for some answers. currently i'm on a 3-drug prescription of cyclobenzaprine (muscle relaxer), Hydrocodone (painkiller), and Ketorolac Tromethamine (i have no idea). My only problem with this is these just help deal with the pain - they don't solve the problem. i'm interested in solving the problem. If anyone can be of help, i'd greatly appreciate it!
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replied June 17th, 2009
i need to add that i had also been given an IMITREX shot (in the glute) which seemed to exacerbate the problem - about 20 seconds after injection i had a rush of pain into my head.

most recently my neurologist had me on AMERGE, which i took over three days. this did not seem to fix the problem either. thanks in advance!
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replied June 17th, 2009
oh, other things i should add.

* i am NOT experiencing nausea
* i am NOT experiencing blurred vision
* i am NOT vomiting
* no cold sweat or chills
* no stopped-up nose or sinus congestion

so yeah, most of the migraine indicators do not align with my issues, but i assumed what i have is a migraine due to the intense pain related to and around the head. it is like a much more painful headache, really.
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replied June 19th, 2009
i had migraine headaches for 10 years and the doctor gave me imetrex and asprin. i used to lay in bed fetal position crying to God b/c the pain was so bad.
my headaches was from stress, i didnt know this until i lost my job, and became single and my headaches went away. i used to get them once or twice a week. when i lay down i couldnt cook for my son, i cant do anything and i m usually in bed when it happens until the next morning.
but i never heard of your kind of headaches. usually when you get a migraine nothing works OTC meds. i could take sleeping pills and it wouldnt work.
but i m going to private message a website i want you to take a look at. i m hoping it will help you or lead you in the direction you need to be in.
i had to research the on the internet the health issues i had because my doctor was clueless. so my advice to you is research. your not the only person in this world having this problem.
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replied December 23rd, 2011
hey had alot of the same problems, mine have been goin on for 6 years. i know others with such problems thro my doctor. he suggested 3 things that could work for me. i'll let you know. 1st since u said exercise makes it worse i would trying using oxygen, like one of those masks old ppl use to breathe, 2nd a chiropractor or some kind of back and neck specialist, something out of alignment can really do all of that, thats why standing helps. and last which worked for me to control the pain so it doesn't bother me at all is self-hypnosis and relaxation, or even massages it sounds dumb but trust me. it takes care of stress and muscle tension. i know it sucks. but hey after it all, i found out, there are ppl out there that have it worse
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