On April 11th I am scheduled to have non invasive back surgery. Fo years I have been suffering and it has on lt gotten worse lately. I went for a new MRI and my disk had indeed torn and all the goop is now on my nerve(feel great gotta tell you).

I know that i am going to have a 1-1/2 incision in my back and they will use a laser. I do not know much more about what is going on. Has anyone else had this done?

Also, ifyou had did you go under general anastetic. there is a 50/50 shot i have a condition taht could kill me if they gave me the wrong meds under general anastetic. did you just get sedated? that is what i am going to ask for.
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replied March 20th, 2008
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Hello Beaniepie,

Welcome to this forum and the great people who post and try to help others.

I wish you the very best in your upcoming surgery.

You mention that they will be using a laser - May I ask where you will be having the surgery? Also Beaniepie, you may wish to post your message on the Laser Spine Surgery thread. Hopefully those that have had laser spine surgery will also respond to your questions on that thread.

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replied March 26th, 2008
Anesthesia at the Laser Spine Institute
Hi Beanpie,

Not knowing where you are going to have your laser surgery, I can't definitively say what kind of anesthesia they will use, but if it is at the Laser Spine Institute in Tampa, Florida, they will give you Versed to relax you and a local anesthetic at the incision point and that's all.

You will be escorted into a state-of-the-art surgical theatre and placed face down on a comfortable table with a hole cut out for your face. You will be given Versed about 20 minutes prior to the surgeon entering the theatre and the local about 10 minutes before the incision. You will feel no pain and you will be wide awake, conscious of everything going on around you and being done to you.

I had surgery there in July 2006 and it was a wonderful experience. They talk to you throughout the entire surgery using you as a third diagnostic to ensure they are zeroing in on the exact spot of your problem. You'll feel pressure from time to time and some warmth from time to time, but no pain or ill effects. You'll hear the laser turning on and off, but you'll never feel it. A surgical nurse sits at your head focusing on your facial expressions and body language, asking you questions and making small talk to alleviate any remaining anxiety or concerns, watching for any sign of discomfort. The surgeon and anesthesiologist will quiz you every so often as well to assess your cognitive reaction to the medication and laser surgery.

They are truly professional in every regard and supremely attentive to all of your needs and fears. When the 45-minute surgery is over, a nurse and orderly are waiting just outside the theatre ready to take you to recovery where you will remain for 50 minutes during which the nurse never leaves your side, answering questions and checking your vitals. At the conclusion of the recovery period, the surgeon and anesthesiologist check your sutures and bandages and your vitals to ensure all is well.

After that's over, you're done. They wheel you out to meet your relatives, talk with them briefly, then down to your car or taxi and instruct you to report back in the morning for a recheck. At the recheck, they change your bandages, showing you and a relative how to do it for subsequent changes. They provide you with a checklist of things to do and avoid, plus a box of bandages, topical anesthetics, cleaning supplies for treating your wound and several scripts for pain and antibiotics. They will follow up by phone every week for 3 weeks, then every other week for six weeks.

Hope this has been helpful. If you have any further questions or comments, please write again.

I am Citadel72
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replied June 16th, 2008
as for this thread and any whom reads this thread understand that I believe that Citadel72 works for a lobby type of outfit in Florida and LSI is there client.

I believe he is a blog troll paid to write positive things about LSI, he knows the president of the company personally and get his directives from him of what to say when you ask him questions.

A word of caution when dealing with his so called motives do apply.
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replied June 16th, 2008
I do work for a lobbying firm in Florida, but LSI is not our client; never has been. They are represented by another firm. I have addressed this with Mr. Backinpain on numerous forums, but he will not accept that and is conducting his own personal, vile vendetta against LSI and maintains an unshakable opinion opposite of mine.

I am not paid by LSI and I resent him saying so and for calling me a TROLL and other disrepectful insults.

I had cervical surgery there in July 2006 and I am grateful for their care and attention which resulted in a positive outcome greater than I could have imagined.

I do not know the President of LSI personally. I met him once at a wedding for a mutual friend's daughter and he gave me his business card which I mentioned to others on another site; that's all. LSI is in Tampa, Florida; I live in Jacksonville, Florida. It's not a stretch to see how that could happen.

Backinpain attacks everyone who posts anything positive about LSI with peppered profanity and calls them all manner of slurs and vulgar names.

If you have any doubts as to this, you can read his reprehensible attacks on people on the TOPIX forum website using the url --- URL REMOVED BY MODERATER.

-- Citadel72
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replied April 24th, 2010

This book just changed my life. Basically, you don't have to buy the book bc here's the gist of it. Whenver you're in pain, walk. Yes, walk. I walk for an hour a day now (after being on pills and pain for the last 8 years) and I have no pain now. If I do have pain, I walk and it goes away within the hour.

I wasted years of my life listening to doctors. I think this works better with people that have a herniated disk. Mine is at my L5. Thanks
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replied June 29th, 2011
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I had surgery at LSI in 2009. The surgery was great but they misrepresented the financial aspect. They told me my insurance would pay and told me if I paid 30k I would receive 1k back for expenses and when the insurance paid I would receive all monies paid up to 34k or I could pay 17k and not receive anything for expenses and when the insurance paid LSI would receive the first 17k and then I would receive the rest up to 17k if they paid that much. I paid 30k got 1k for expenses and the insurance paid 5k which I received. If they had not led me to believe the insurance would pay I would only have paid 17k and only been out of pocket 17k instead of 24k. I have tried contacting them and they will not return phone calls or emails. I will search out a more honest non-invasive surgeon if ever needed again. T.Lee/NC
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