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non-ejaculation orgasms

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I came across male multiple orgasms when I was searching how to last longer (quite funny really, my girlfriend went back to china for last summer and I was afraid I'd lose my stamina so I searched!).

I started practicing some of the techniques, strengthening the PC, squeezing it just before the point of no return, etc. And then one night, I experienced something quite different to normal. I had a hard orgasm, like all the contractions of a normal ejaculation (and with me my right eye shuts lol), but I didnt ejaculate. So I kept on going, and did it again, and one more time, and then stopped out of amazement.

But I have never been able to do it again! and the more I have read around, the more i keep saying, men whole body orgasm's and relaxing into it etc. I tried more and more, but i feel tiny contractions, and thats it, not an orgasm. and everything i read never says anything about a full ejaculation-like contraction!

So has anyone else experienced this or has any advice? I really wanna do that again, have the non ejaculation orgasms and then ejaculate after a few lol!

thanks alot
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replied April 24th, 2008
men who can have non-ejaculatory, mulitple orgasms
My boyfriend can do that too -- but only when his prostate is stimulated alot Smile
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replied November 28th, 2012
There's a simple picture book called Love Satisfies, by Keepitup Johnson. You can find it on
Love Satisfies teaches men how to have multiple orgasms - no bull
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