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Non Displaced Femoral Neck Fracture

I have a non displaced right femoral neck fracture. I am 72 female and in excellent health.I started having hip pain (did not fall) and X-ray, ct scan and bone scan revealed a fracture that was healing. Ironically the same thing happened 19 years ago - I had pain in same place - no fall, but xray revealed a healing non displaced right femoral neck fracture. this fracture healed on its own and I resumed all activities with no problem. New fracture appears to be an extension of the previous fracture . Have been very active all these years playing tennis, zumba, walking, etc. It's been almost 3 months since new fracture and I have no more pain. I do have osteoporosis (main area is wrist) - diagnosed 19 years ago - have been on fosamax and currently getting prolia injections. Doctor says the fracture is not from the osteoporosis meds. Anyway, I am afraid to resume my activities for fear it will break again. Doctor said he could do a plate and screw operation. I am hesitant - do I need this if my bone has healed?
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