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I started experiencing this "problem" when I was 11 years old. I put problem in quotes because I'm not actually sure if it is in fact a problem. By that I mean, it's not really bothersome, although I am worried that I might have a higher risk for esophagus cancer and the likes because of it.

What happens is that for up to an hour or so after eating, I have reflux of stomach contents back to my mouth. It doesn't seem to happen with all foods though. For some reason, thick partly-liquid foods seem to come back easiest: ice cream and pudding for instance will easily come back. It tastes exactly as it did putting it in my mouth the first time, albeit a little warmer. There is no acidic taste.

Other foods, such as apple sauce with meat and french fries might also come back easily. It seems to be partly dependent on the volume of food I've eaten as well as its consistency. Pure liquids usually do not reflux, strangely enough.

When I experience a reflux coming up, I feel like I have to go through with it, sort of like a burp or a sneeze. It's possible to control it to some extent, but with good tasting foods I actually don't mind getting a second taste :-)

Since I've had this for so long, and I don't know of anyone else with the same problem, I'm wondering what the cause might be and if it's necessary to have something done in order to prevent complications in the future.

Please help me if you have any information or advice.
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