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Noise sensitivity treatment ?

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If I dont take some medication like flupentixol/haloperidol I am getting delusions and anxiety.
I am taking 2 mg haloperidol in the morning.

1: If I stop medication first I am getting noise sensitivity then it is leading to sleep loss and delusions.

Currently when I am taking haloperidol I am still getting noise sensitivity but am able to sleep and there are no delusions.Why am I getting noise sensitivity(like loud horns,traffic etc)?Are there any drugs which specifically decrease noise sensitivity,which is my main problem.flupentixol is supressing the noise sensitivity but causing severe anxiety throghout the day.quetiapine is causing sleep most of the day.

Is there a relation between noise management and schizophrenia and related disturbances?what drug do you suggest?why is flupentixol supressing noise sensitivity and haloperidol not supressing noise sensitivity?

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replied October 17th, 2008
Yes, there does seem to be a relation between noise management and schizophrenia. A variety of antipsychotic medications are effective in reducing the psychotic symptoms present in the acute phase of the illness, and they also help reduce the potential for future acute episodes.

Have you discussed the differences in the effects of the medication with your psychiatrist?
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