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Noise Anxiety

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I've moved into my family's apartment building 6 months ago and have not been able to sleep properly since. Every single night, from about midnight until early morning hours, a group of people gather up in the parking lot opposite the building and talk loudly, play music and honk their horns. This makes me extremely irritable at night and I cannot get to sleep. I've replaced my window into a soundproof one, which didn't help, I tried using white noise, but it felt like it was more noise on top of the noise. I have also been using earplugs but my ears are quite sensitive and they've been hurting, with all the different types of earplugs I've used. I contacted the police, and apparently they're doing all they can.

Now whenever I sleep anywhere other than my apartment, I constantly wake up with the slightest noise and immediately become irritable and cannot get back to sleep.

You would think that any normal person would get very annoyed with the kind of noise that I'm describing, but my sister lives on top of me and has no problem with it, and my uncle used to live in another apartment in the same building, and also had no problem with it.

I like my apartment and would like to stay there, however this is a daily issue, I cannot sleep well, I cannot relax, I'm constantly angry and irritable. Sometimes the noise is so bad it just makes me cry.

The funny thing is I've lived on main roads before and never had a problem with it - I don't have an issue with the noise of traffic, I have an issue with the noise coming from these people partying outside my window every single night.

Any advice, sympathy or anything would help.

Thank you!
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replied April 5th, 2011
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