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Nodules on side of thyroid

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I just recently found out that I have 2 6cm nodules on each side of my thyroid. In addition, I have one gland in my jaw line that is swollen where as the rest of my glands in my neck are fine. I am now awaiting labs results for a complete thyroid panel and CBC panel. I also now am sweating profusely, hot all the time, have a feeling of weight on my chest, and pain/loss of feeling in my arms/parts of my hands at nigh. I have had a heart stress test done and passed with flying colors. I am also on BP meds, which until a month ago had me feeling cold all the time. I also have periods where my heart slows and speeds up, which caused the stress test I passed. I also have lost size clothing wise but actually heavier weight wise. However my doctor is talking about waiting 6 months and checking for size growth if the panels come back clean. I am not sure this is the right step given all of the above and how fast this seems to have occured. Your advise would be helpfull.

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