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Nodules on lungs and mass on liver

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Hi my name is Tammy and I am in need of help.

9 months ago I had a biopsy of my breast and thyroid. The breast issue is still up in the air but the thyroid was benign. But since then I now have 2 nodules on my lungs, a mass on my liver, and enlarged lymph nodes. Could this all be related? I had an mri of the breast and it showed an enhancement but they are not sure if it is scar tissue or cancer. They want me to wait 6 months to have another mri of the breast. They also want watch the lung nodules but want me to have a biopys on the lymph nodes. My question is why can't i have a pet scan instead of the biopys. It seems have nodules if a few different places so wouldn't a pet scan be helpful? Please help me I have been going through this for 9 months now. What do I do???

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