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Nocturnal and daytime calf muscle cramps

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over the past few weeks i have begun experiencing these painful cramps in the lower part of my left leg just bellow the nee it is never the right leg. like just last night while watching my fav movie i got a cramp while in bed however i managed to get rid of it by quickly moving and stretching my leg really fast and holding it there for a couple of minutes. I know i admit my self im not healthy. i have not checked my weight in a couple months quite frankly im a little nervous to. i don't eat healthy either however i drink a lot of water and i mean a lot. i eat the occasional banana i don't drink alcohol and never will im 16 so i dont know what else to tell you. these cramps mostly occur while im lying down and i think part of the reason is my bed but occasionally i do get them while sitting up straight in my chair in the living room and siting at the computer.These cramps are a problem for me cause i get nervous when im at school scared that i may get a cramp and be embarrassed by jumping out of my chair in the middle of a class and all of a sudden jump up and probably start swearing in pain if anyone has any remedies for cramps in the lower part of the leg then please help me out.
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replied October 13th, 2009
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You are deficient in minerals. Take a daily supplement (just the recommended dosage) of Calcium/Magnesium that will help strengthen and relax the muscles. The cramps should be pretty much gone in a week.
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