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No warning signs of period

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I am concerned about my last period. Usually I have 'warning' signs for 3 or 4 days beforehand but this time period took me by surprise. I checked the calender and it was bang on time. I had no sore breasts, bloating or cravings this month and no cramps when normally i do. My period was really light and only 3.5 days long. Normally i am extremely heavy and my period lasts 7 days. I have been this was since my periods began.

I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. I took this 5 days after my period began. I have noticed since that i seem to be having waves of nausea, some stronger than others and some smells can set them off

Because me and my husband are trying for a baby we have regular sex right up until my period arrives. Sometimes sex will start my period off if it is the day i am due to start so we had sex when i was still light on the sunday thinking it would bring things on but it didn't

i am being treated for scar tissue around the fallopian tubes and have been told i am at risk from ectopic pregnancy.

why could my period have been so unusual

many thanks
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