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No Utres and Vagina

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Dear Dr,
I don't have utres and vaginal entry. I just have small entry and i can just pass urine. I can't do sex not a shape also and no flexibility to intercourse and no depth.
Is there any cure to make a depth and shape with flexibility to do sex? I have to satisfy my hubby with oral which I don't like. Please help me.
Is oral harmful?
Thanks & regards.
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replied January 17th, 2012
Especially eHealthy

You should speak with a plastic surgeon. It is possible to do a vaginoplasty and create a vagina that functions for sexual intercourse.

However, you would not be fertile and could not have a baby. If you do not have a clitoris, you would also probably not be able to orgasm.

But, yes, it is possible to create a vagina. Again, you will need to speak with a plastic surgeon about your specific case.

Good luck.
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