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no uterus or ovaries, test revealed cystic areas

I'm 60 years old women and have had my uterus removed and hysterectomy done 15 years ago.
Last week i had some bleeding and the doctors advised for some tests.
The test revealed of cystic areas in the mid-line pelvis region.
The sonography says "iso-hyperechoic lesion with cystic areas within more towards the Rt. adnexa
This may represent lesion in the residual uterice stump in view of oophorectomty and PV bleeding."
CT scan says "Uterus is not visualized, post hysterectomy status. Welldefined lobulated
hypodense cystic appearing lesions are seen in the paramedian pelvis just superior to hysterectomy stump measurng 3.1X2.8 cms on
the right side and 4.1X2.8 cms on the left side.

Not really sure why there is a cyst if there are no overies and uterus present. Also is this the cause of bleeding.
Had done a test for overian cancer which came back negative.
Can some one help.

Thanks in advance.
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replied March 23rd, 2014
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Sorry you are dealing with this. Cysts or "tumors" can develop anywhere so you don't have to have ovaries to get cysts or "tumors." (Just to clarify - Many people think that tumors are cancerous but tumors are abnormal growths, benign or cancerous.) I have cysts on my liver and kidneys but doctors are not concerned about them. I was told that I am just a cyst-maker. Of course, that isn't necessarily your case.

Although CA125 is a blood test for ovarian cancer, it is actually not very accurate in diagnosing OC. However, if you do not have a genetic pre-disposition to OC your risk of having it are quite low, 1.4% by government statistics.
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