Hi my name is Nay and here is my story...I have a strong feeling that I am pregnant but i keep getting neg tests. well, I only tested twice so far. See my last period was on September 30th. Before that it was on August 27th and before that it was around July 25th. I remember having unprotected sex on Sept 16th,a few days after that again and the week after again. each time though we used the pull out method.(which i know isnt safe but we couldnt help the moment lol) all the other times which is like almost everyday we use protection. So in sept i already had a feeling that i was prego and i thought my pd was a little late and everyone told me it was due to stress..so it finally came on Sept 30th. looking at my cycle i should've gotten my pd again on Nov 3rd.right??so im guessin im now 11 days late i guess. I've had swollen tender breast for almost 2 weeks now, i am cramping a little here and there i get a little nauseous sometimes, and i seem to be able to smell everybodys bad breath from a distance lol..oh i also have lower back pain. i've tested 3 days ago, NEG..i was told 2 wait 2 more weeks then test again..is or did anybody else go thru the same thing??? I was stressin last month and i know I'm not stressin this month..could i be preg and when should i test again?? thnx 4 any advice
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replied November 14th, 2009
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Hi Poohkiebear,

Every woman's body is different, you can have two women with identical the same symptoms and come out with two totally different results. Are you pregnant, well anytime you have unprotected sex, albeit, one time, you have just raised the stakes in favor that you could be. However, you have allot going on and perhaps you have what is caused a "false" pregnancy test result. Give yourself another 2 weeks then test again or go in and have it done professionally by your OBG/YN. In the mean time treat your body as though you are, no risky behavior which includes taking drugs.

Good Luck,

Faded Rose
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