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no sleep in 7 days neurological disorder or fatal insomnia?

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Hi, my name's Josh, I'm 25 years of age, and was perfectly healthy before all this, except for some swollen nodes under my ears that would get sore every once and a while. I have a horrible issue here and think I may have a severe neurological disorder or fatal insomnia and possibly dying. This is my third bout with this and I'll explain what's going on now and when it all started. Currently, I haven't slept in 7 days...none. It started 8 days ago with a bad night of sleep, which got worse over the next two days until the point I haven't slept in 7 days. My symptoms are constant muscle twitches, head tilt feeling, strange sensations(like tingling or numbing) on the right side of my head,difficulty concentrating, feeling like I'm bring pulled to the right when I walk, and the left side of my face has a sag to it. This all started in January of 2013. I've had all kinds of tests done and nothing was found: mri, spinal fluid, ct scan, eeg, and nothing was found. I'm so scared and don't know what to do and neither do doctors. I'll explain how it started.

I had caught the flu and had it for about five days at the time. While I contacted the flu, I was also taking a pro hormone called Epistane(anti-estrogenic anabolic), which I continued. It all started on one night(the previous night I had a bad fever). I remember I fell asleep, I then woke up about 2 hours later to a door closing. As I was falling back to sleep I felt these swaying, back and forth feelings in my head. I opened my eyes and it literally felt like my brain was shaking back and forth in my head, I couldn't balance, as my body was shaky and I had to hold on to things. I would force myself to wake up fully and it would stop. Every time I tried to fall asleep that night and the next, It would happen. After that, I totally lost the ability to sleep for 3 weeks.I also had one pupil that was bigger than the other during this time. No matter how tired I was or how hard I tried I couldn't sleep. I developed severe muscle twitches and head tilt, which continue to this day. I slowly got better, little by little, after three weeks
Starting with an hour here and there, then to the point I was basically normal for 10 months, but with the twitches and
tilted feeling. I tried another hormone(stupid of me) and anti estrogens last February and the same thing happened two weeks in. I convinced myself it was the flu before starting. I lost my sleep ability for 1 week that time, but then slowly got better. The muscle spasms and head tilt continued and other than that I felt fine and slept good. Now all of sudden I had a raging total insomnia hit me out of nowhere, but this time there was no brain or body shake feeling. I just lay there trying to sleep and start to sweat even when it's cool. Sometimes my arm will jerk to, along with the spasms. PLEASE HELP! I don't know what to do. I think I may have sporadic fatal insomnia. The only calm I get is that sfi is progressive, I started sleeping fine, this has been going on for 19 months, and started suddenly. I have a bad tilted feeling and feel like I need to hold the keyboard sideways when typing. My metal function seems to be getting worse too. Again, please give me your thoughts. I just want it to stop and I fear for what may be happening. I just can't sleep and my muscles keeps twitching. Hopefully it goes away this time like before and I just start sleeping again eventually, but it's something neurological and sleep just isn't possible. I know this sounds crazy, but it's 100% the truth. I was doing well and took a job overseas. My confidence, ambition, and everything else was all good. just the tilt and twitches was present, but I slept good most night.I'm so terrified here. I don't even have any family around me, which feels horrible. If something bad is happening here, which it certainly seems so, I really want to spend my last days with them. I have a great family and had a great upbringing. I just miss them so much now. I've talked with them and may take emergency leave to go back home within a couple days. May my competence still be with me to do that. This is just some mystery issue that none of those tests could identify. The only other test would be a PET or SPECT scan. I appreciate any response very much.Everything I posted is the exact truth and I know it doesn't sound normal, I know: from brain shakes to total insomnia and all the other syptoms. I really hope i don't have fatal insomnia or some severe brain disorder. I do have periods that feel like light drowsiness with light dreaming where I feel partially aware at night, but that's it. I have red eyes every morning and bags. I was fine and this again all of a sudden, but it didn't start with the brain shake feeling. Some people say my bags look like they went down, but I've been drinking a lot of water. What happens is I'll lay down, not feel that tired, but wired. I eventually look at the clock and maybe an hour or two has passed, sometimes 15 mins or so. I'll then close my eyes again and look at he clock after some weird half wake half sleep dreamy type episodes and it's 2-3 hours later..that's it. I notice i feel dreamy during the day too. My perception of time feels very off during the day and it feels like I can't tell the difference in time from wake or trying to sleep at night. Everything is moving so fast and I don't understand how time keeps flying by. This is how it happened the first two times until I slowly got my sleep ability back, but these started with the brain shake feeling while trying to fall asleep, which led to the total insomnia. This time it's just random and came out of nowhere. Does this sound like it could be sporadic fatal insomnia? I have no anxiety issues and was sleeping great the few months prior to the start of this. I'm not a hypochodriac at all and this is the truth and feels serious. I have done well going to college and getting a good job, while partaking in my hobbies and then this all started again for the third time: the head tilt and spasms were still present though. please give me your opinion. I'm on 7 days without sleep this time and it's not stopping

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replied July 9th, 2014
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Thank you for consulting e-healthforum. I think you have a severe anxiety disorder which requires psychiatric evaluation. You don't have a fatal familial insomnia.

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