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No single but feel totally alone

So my boyfriend and I have only been together 4 months and just found out we are lil over 2 months pregnant we grew up together so its not like we are strangers ive known him for 10 years.

however neither of us wanted to ever have children and I was on birth control but god willing here we are.

he went with me to the ultrasound however i woulda been better off alone all he did was joke about needing to have playboys int he lobby for the fathers, then didnt even pay attention during the ultrasound.

also we were hige social people going out drinking clubbing, etc

I gave up everything no drinking not partying, not a thing

where as he drinks smokes, parties ALL the time still

even this weekend I asked if we could have a date night well first off he "forgot" his money so I had to pay then cut it short to go get his friend who stays at our house EVERY weekend.

then they got high played video games and ate almost all the food i had got for me to eat for the baby.

I feel like id be better off leaving him.
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replied November 7th, 2009
how old is your boyfriend, i went through simular issues with my ex. you have to talk to your boyfriend and lay some ground rules about everything.
for example you shouldnt feel comfortable with anyone smoking in the house, his friends shouldnt be coming over every weekend.
with my experiences with dating a younger guy he could comply or think that you are trying to change him or mold his life.
the point im trying to make is your relationship can work if both of you respect each others wishes.
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