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no sex drive after hysterectomy

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i am 29 had to have a full hysterectomy due to cancer now i don"t want to be touched in any way shape or form. why is this going on? i am also loosing my hair its like getting a hair cut every day why is this happening? problems with weight gain and loss. at times i can be nice other times not so nice. if any one can help me to get better and fix my problems please wright back
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replied June 17th, 2011
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CALM YOURSELF IF POSSIBLE , U WILL NEED hormones and u don't say how long ago you had surgery
but U will need to take the hormones and give them some time, IF NOT u will likely regret that, BUT I am sure your Dr. told u this. Did u believe it and take it to heart and R U on the hormones?
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replied June 22nd, 2011
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Hi loca30 and welcome to ehealth: Hormones are very important, but even moreso your mind set must change...You must believe in yourself...You must understand that you are the same woman that you were before this surgery...I had mine at 47 and was pretty lost...They only gave me Premarin until 9 years ago...Now I use Estring which is inserted vaginally, by me, which does feed the inner vaginal area...This, to me, is a miracle disc...It not only feeds your upper area, but makes you very juicy for your partner...It is expensive, but worth its weight in gold...

Your hair should settle down...However, worrying will make it worse...Honey, relax and smell the roses...You are the same woman now that you were before the surgery...The only thing is that you are now cancer free...I send you my love and best wishes...Take care...

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replied June 30th, 2011
what about otc meds for hormones
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