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no period - which makes my period almost a week late.

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Trust me on this one, I'm nearly eighteen and this was not the first thing I had wanted to post about on this site.

March 23rd, '13 is when my boyfriend and I last had sex recently. He used a condom the entire time, though it kept sliding down (but I don't think it came off inside of me or broke).

My periods are usually at the end of each month. My last period started on the 25th of february I believe (didn't mark it on the calendar because we haven't gotten a new calendar since this year's started). And my period this month was supposed to start on the 27th of March, however it is now April 3rd and still no period - which makes my period almost a week late.

I'm not on any type of birthcontrol - the one thing I really shouldn't be procastinating to get.

I've been getting cramps and other sorts of abdominal pain and headaches as well. I've also felt nauseas these past few days and have held myself back from vomiting. I'm not trying to psych myself into thinking I'm pregnant, but I've heard that if you get pregnant and you feel sick afterwards it was the eggs traveling through the falopean (spelling?) tubes? I would like it if someone were to clarify that. In my health class at school we're focusing on mental health issues, not sex ed. so I think I need a bit of an update of information on sexual health and such.

One day I did notice I had extremely light spotting, but that was it and I've had nothing since. I haven't been getting much discharge like I normally do when my period is about to start.

If my period doesn't start within a week I'll get an at-home test, though I'm hoping that this is just a (really scary) scare for me, and if anything I just missed my period because of stress and the likes and there's nothing more to it.

I don't have many people to talk to about it hence why I'm asking on here and I would really love to hear from a doctor.

My parents would flip out at first if they found out I was pregnant, and my dad would really dislike my boyfriend.

If I am pregnant, I will very heavily consider getting an abortion, as I do realize I am extremely young and immature yet to raise a child (though it'd kick some responsibiliy in my arse), but I'm worried I might regret that decision later on in life.

Please let me know what you think. You have a very young and scared teenager on the other side of this screen waiting to hear from you.

Thank you so much for reading this and your comments will be much appreciated.

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replied April 3rd, 2013
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If your period was due on March 27, you should not have been fertile on March 23. It is not impossible,just very very very unlikely.

IF you got pregnant, wait another 2 weeks to take a pregnancy test.. The fertilized egg is just now reaching your uterus and are beginning to implant.

The signs you are describing is not really early pregnancy signs. It should only come a week or more later. It does however sound like PMS mixed with fear and worry.

Please sort out the problems with this guy and his condoms before you have sex again. Do not take chances. It will be an excellent to also use the pill. The pill and condoms is the safest sex you can have, except for not having sex at all.

Best of luck!
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