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No period on yaz sugar pills?

I had sex with my boyfriend on a monday and on a friday of the same week. Saturday was my first sugar pill of the pack and im on the 3rd one now and my period still hasnt come. I have been on the pill for around 3 months going on four. When i first started the pill i had alot of trouble with my period it never seemed to stop.I thougt it was sorted out now but i dont know. Is it possible im pregnant or is it something else?? We used a condom and it didnt split or anything, and he didnt cum either of the times we had sex. What happening??
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replied June 29th, 2009
Especially eHealthy
You are not pregnant.

Using Yaz and a condom and him not ejaculating? I think it is impossible to get pregnant from this.

Just keep on taking the pill as directed.
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