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no period on the Loestrin 24 Fe or am i Pregnant?

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You think I'm Pregnant? You think it's a hormonal imbalance?
Hormonal Imbalance
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I need help determining whether I am pregnant or whether I have skipped my period due to a hormonal imbalance.
The day of conception would have been October 11th. On October 21st/22nd I experienced some light spotting. I finished my birth control pack, Loestrin 24 Fe, on November 15th, and was due for a period November 16th-November 20th. I very regular and always have my period and finish during those 5 days, and start my new BC pack that following week. My breast are very tender and swollen. I have experienced some cramping in my lower abdomen, as though I was going to start my period but have not started. Nothing too intense, but some on the right side of my lower abdomen. I am also very gassy. I did take one HPT November 23rd, and it was negative.
A friend of my thought it was probably just my form of birth control, since it is very common for females to have no period on the Loestrin 24 Fe. So now I thinking maybe that's all it is since the HPT was negative.
I would like to receive some other opinions before scheduling a doctors appointment. Any thoughts?
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