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No period in 2 years - overweight

i'm 16,ive never had sex...Im not on any meds at this time.I have only had my period about 2 times in the past two years.The past 3 weeks Ive had brown discharge on an off..but no blood..Im 5'7 and 288 pounds,could this be just because of my weight?Ive been over weight my whole life,and Ive been having my period since i was 11.But..I in the past 3 years Ive been on a walker,and Ive been on so many meds I wouldnt know where to start..everytime i tell a docter these things they over look them..Im going to a female docter soon,I just wanted to see if anyone could help...
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replied August 18th, 2011
Short answer irregular periods are very common at you age and yes being overweight or underweight does cause irregularity. I am not a Dr. However I am an overweight woman and when I was your age and even now at 30 after having a child I'm still irregular. All this being said its a good idea to be checked out because it could be a hormonal imbalance or poloycystic ovarian disease or even something serious. More than likely its nothing to worry about. You can always take birth control to regulate it of it bothers you as well.
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